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Sometimes it helps to see everything in a more linear fashion.  Here’s how Sky Skipper fits into the overall Nintendo arcade timeline and how, 34 years later, it finally sees the light of day again!

Sky Skipper Game History & Project Timeline

Feb 17

It’s officially on! – US and UK reveal events confirmed!

Feb 17

Sky Skipper flyer found in Japan

Nov 19

Our Day at NOA!

Our Day at NOA It’s been over a year in the making – the full backstory on how we got into NOA and the people involved in making it happen.  Go read it – there’s no way we can do it justice here!!

Nov 19

This Old Game signs on to the project!

      Rich Lint @ This Old Game is announced as an official project member and will be reproducing the artwork package for Sky Skipper!

Oct 30

The Project website goes live!

It was a marathon run by all three teammates, but we’ve got the site live!  Now let’s watch the project unfold…

Sep 19

Nintendo Life pushes Sky Skipper even higher

Nintendo Life learns of the Project and staff writer Thomas Whitehead publishes the first global story on our efforts.

Sep 17

Project Sky Skipper is announced to the world!

Alex, Olly & Whitney announce ‘Project Sky Skipper’ to the world.  A couple of days later, Nintendo Life immediately picks up on the announcement and pushes the story to the global Nintendo community and we make our official threads on UKVAC and KLOV. Let’s roll!

Sep 03

A Sky Skipper PCB is sold on eBay

30 years of nothing…and then eBay happened

Jul 26

The only known Sky Skipper arcade game is found!

We found Sky Skipper – more details to follow!

Jan 31

Sky Skipper Project is officially born!

After several months of discussion and coordination, Whitney joins efforts with Alex and Olly on their efforts to bring Sky Skipper back to life and the three of them officially kick off the Project!

Nov 14

Alex releases YouTube video on Sky Skipper PCBs and gameplay

Oct 29

Mark Whiting and Alex boot the PCB’s for the first time!

After 2 months of work, the PCB’s boot and they run!  Check out Alex’s youtube video here in the timeline!

Oct 16

Alex acquires the second PCB

Purchased private party, more details to follow!

Aug 16

Alex finds the first PCB on a warehouse raid

Nov 01

Donkey Kong 3 released in the arcades

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Author: Whitney Roberts

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