Sky Skipper TNX Boardset Registry

We want to ensure we keep track (as best as we can) of the TNX board stacks across the globe, as more and more have started to pop up now that people are actively looking and know what the distinguishing points are.

What follows is the most up-to-date information that we have – for the owners who have indicated they do not mind their information being made (or has already been made) public.

Please keep in mind that very well could be more boards in existence than what we have documented and in the hands of other collectors who wish to remain anonymous.  For those private collectors, we will document as much of their board stack(s) as possible and list them as ‘anonymous’ and/or ‘N/A’ where appropriate.

If you have a TNX boardset, please consider sharing your information here in the registry.  Drop us a line (at the contact form on the right sidebar) and we’ll get back in touch with you to verify board info and then ensure you are added in!

OwnerMain PCB Serial Number Expansion PCB Serial NumberLocation FoundDate FoundCurrent LocationPicture
(coming soon)
Nintendo of AmericaC-01008N/A

This boardset had no expansion boards since it was never modified for Popeye.

Redmond, WA

Redmond, WA
Alex CrowleyC-001148SwedenUK
Whitney RobertsC-000209UKUSA
Jeff WillardC-000067E-001201 & E-001202USAUSA
Jaime ScherrC-000005USA

Peter KoskimäkiC-002745E-005831 & E-005832Tokoyo, Japan07/2017Sweden
Chance JohnsonC-001443E-002533 & E-002534Canada (Alberta)12/2017Canada (Alberta)
John Roger TaraldsenC-000845NorwayNorway
ShouC-000342 (unconfirmed)

KLOV link with pictures
Unknown - cannot confirmUnknown - cannot confirmUnknown - cannot confirmUnknown - cannot confirm
Jonathan & Georgette ClaytonC-002816E-003833 & E-003834Tokoyo, Japan08/2018UK
Roman LegatC-0001413E-002983 & E-002984USA (Seattle, WA)05/2018USA (Snoqualmie, Washington)

Author: Whitney Roberts

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  1. Whitney can we keep this updated I know there’s been a few more found

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    • Most certainly – do a ‘contact form’ submission with any details you might have, and I’ll be happy to do the legwork to run down contacting the people to get their info. Thanks!

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