Why Sky Skipper?

It’s a bit of a weird thing, we suppose…. We want to help preserve some of Nintendo’s otherwise ‘lost’ history.  We want to bring something as of yet unseen back to the arcade community.  We want to have our turn at being arcade historians and preserve something special for the greater good.  We want to showcase the ‘what if’ scenario had Sky Skipper actually been released world-wide.  We want the opportunity for the public to play something all-together unheard of.  We want all of this, and more.

Yeah, it may sound a bit over-the-top but the intent should be very familiar to those in the arcade hobby – we preserve and restore history – and what better game to focus on than one of Nintendo’s lost treasures.

Click on Alex’s picture to read why he wanted to be a part of this project and bring Sky Skipper back to life.
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