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If you are just coming to the whole Sky Skipper ‘canon’ and are wondering what has led up to this point, then you have found the right post.  We’ll re-cap the saga behind the story right here, and provide enough jumping-off points to other places in the site that can be explored for more detailed information.

To start, there are a few links to check out that could be considered prerequisite information about Sky Skipper and are worth reading up on to get the basic gist of why we are doing what we are doing…

Wikipedia article on Sky Skipper
Tony Temple’s ‘Arcade Blogger’ post on the game and the project

There’s also some forum links that are worth checking into as well as Alex and Whitney maintain both a UK and US presence on the UKVAC and KLOV forums and are answering questions and discussing the project and the game in their own dedicated threads:

UK VAC thread dedicated to the Sky Skipper Project
KLOV thread dedicated to the Sky Skipper Project

With that light reading out of the way, here’s a quick reference sheet to everything you need to get caught up on the whole Sky Skipper project and/or find additional information!

If you’re more the visual type, then check out the project timeline, as it lays out all of the notable and memorable history on Sky Skipper in a very nice and easily-digested format.

Post Title Date Published Post Excerpt URL
US and UK reveal events announced! 2/17/2017 2017 is the year!  Come out to either (or both) of our reveal events and see history in person!
Our Day at NOA 11/19/2016 It’s been a year in the making, but we’re finally able to tell the full backstory on how we were able to get access to this historic game at NOA.
This Old Game signs on to the project! 11/19/2016 We enlist Rich to help us complete the artwork package for the restored Sky Skipper games.
 We can rebuild it! 10/28/2016  We found *the only* way to accurately reproduce the Sky Skipper artwork package…and that’s from the only known Sky Skipper on planet earth…

30 years of nothing…and then eBay happened

 10/20/2016  A Sky Skipper PCB turned up on eBay one day… and proceeded to go ‘Sky High’…
 Project Timeline 10/15/2016 Always up-to-date (like this article) graphical view of the most notable events in the history of Sky Skipper and the project.
Alex releases info about the two PCB stacks and gameplay! 10/4/2016 Check out Alex’s youtube video as he details the backstory on the two PCB stacks we have and see some gameplay video as well!
The Mission 10/2/2016 Ever wonder why we decided to take this on and what’s in it for us (other than a lot of work)?  Check out the project backstory here…
From around the web – level maps  9/29/2016  Curious about what the 4 levels in the game actually look like?

Sourced from –

 From around the web – PCB Pinout Information 9/18/2016  If you do ever find a Sky Skipper PCB, then this information could be of some help…

Sourced from –

Author: Whitney Roberts

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